NCLC Blogs-Round 2


boss of the library

Damsel in Distress

dolce libro

fm 23

Gitchi Gummi

Grant Grizzly

hp's 23 things


iso...23 things

It's My Life

ivy's 23 things


Laura's 23 things on a stick

Learning 23 Things

Learning through the Winter in Ifalls

Library Star


Marge's Mumblings

My Modern Musings


Northern Notes

Notes To Remember

Pixie Prints and Fairy Wings



Suzanne's 23 Things

the german experience

Tina T's 23 Things Blog


Who Cares What I Think? - Take 2


marge said...

Marge's Mumblings url is incorrect. The correct url is:

Linda said...

Marge's Mumblings has been corrected. Thanks. Linda

Dan said...

All of the URL's for the participant's blogs are incorrect. They've got extra stuff in front and behind the actual address for them.

Linda said...

The entries have been edited and seem to be fine now. There must have been some glitch when new entries were made, but I have no idea why it would affect all the entries exactly the same way. Let me know if there's any more problems.

CYNTHIA said...

The URL for "My2ndTime" should be

Linda said...

I have fixed this again (first time was on 5/30), but apparently Blogger has issues. I've fixed it again. This time I saved it as draft, then published it later to see if that's what caused it to revert to the old (wrong) blog address. Keep your fingers crossed and try your link.