Do Any of the 23 Things On a Stick require downloads, plug-ins, or other tools to use?

Flash is required to view many of the applications. Chances are this is already installed on your computer, but if it is not, click here for a free download. Adobe Reader is required to read a few of the links. If you do not have it, you can get it free here. Java needs to be enabled for many of the applications, too. Here are instructions on how to enable Java. Always check with your tech people before downloading anything.

Most of the 23 Things are Web-based applications that do not require additional downloads or plug-ins to work. Many Web-based applications have third party features that require downloads. These are not required—although they are often fun and add functionality.

Here is a list of those that do require downloads. Note that many of these Things have a “non-download” option or the download suggestions are in the Challenge sections, which are optional. Here are the Things that have downloads:

Thing 7. Online Communication Tools

Instant Messaging

  • Both Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger require downloads.
  • Only one of the Google options requires a download:
    • Google Talk bundles various services including file sharing if you download the software.
    • Web-based Google Talk does not require a download.
    • Google Chat is built into Gmail.Google. No download needed.

Web Conferencing

Thing 13. Online Productivity Tools

  • Stickynotes and MyStickies both require downloads/browser extentions to use.
  • CutePDF converter requires a download. PDF Converter does not.

Thing 15. Online Games

Second Life requires a download.

Thing 19. Podcasting

  • If you want to browse iTunes for podcasts, you need to download iTunes.
  • Audacity requires a download of the podcasting software.

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