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retrolo said...

I spent several hours going into the recommended game sites via 23 things. The virtual reality place was so confusing, once I created a new me, and tried to visit other places (without spending real money), I decided to beg off and retire my new me. All in all I've found the information rather stimulating, with many sites/options much more so than others. I'm going to try to copy-block this message into my official NLLN blog, of which I haven't been able to access since I opened it earlier this year.

So to anybody listening out there in cyber-space, it's been real. I'd need another year of practice to master half of the 23 Things, but this exercise has broadened my horizons. And I guess that was the point...

retrolo said...

I suppose I'm commenting on my own comment, but I'm also out here at, so any "higher ups" wanting to check on my meager progress, have at it. Again, I'm outta here for now, will check back when I have some free time before or after work. Being the only librarian/staff with 34 hour weeks and 8 hour, no break days, I'm not sure when that will be. Everyone do take care!

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