SELS Blogs-Round 1


3 Dogs

23 Enigma

23 in 08

23 New Tricks for an Old Dog

23 Steps to Geek Goddess

23 Sticks on a Thing

23 Sticky Things

23 Things and a nerdy accountant

23 Things at my Library

23 Things Austin

23 Things for PC Geeks

23 Things on a Bookmobile

23 Things on a Stick(f)

23 Things on a Stick(g)

23 Things on a Stick (yum)

23 Things to Do with Your Card Catalog 1.0

23 to Envy

23 Things to Know

23 Tricks for an Old Dog

23 type things..




23rd Circle for James

Aletheia's Place

Alice's Muses

Art & Antique Theft on a Stick

At home Librarian

At least the litter box floats


Bead Working Librarian

Beware of Papercuts




Blog or Read

Blog with BB

Blue Cat's Sticky 23

Bluegrass Booker

A Book In Hand

The Bookwyrm Bug

But I'm a Librarian


Cautious Librarian


Cool Library Chick's 23 Things

Crossword Demon

Dancing Librarian

Darla's 23 Things

Dawn's Digressions

Dis Lib Blog on a stick



Family Fun Silvers

Froggie Finds

G's 23 Thing's On a Stick


Gayle's 23 Things on a Stick



Grandma Kris Blog 23

Here To Learn

Here's The Thing

I am a librarian!

Impromptu Librarian

Inside a Dog

Island Princess 23 Things

It's My Life--23 Things


J Wiles' 23 Things




Justin's 23 Things on a Stick Blog

Kataloger King

Kathy's 23 Things on a Stick

Kats On a Stick



Kid Shorts & A Cooking Demo

Kimmer's Blog

Knowing 23 Things

The Lambrights

The Late Frank H





Librarian With a View

A Librarian's Notes

Library Basement Lady

Library Musings

Library Pills


Lifelong Learner

(b) Lifelong Learning

Lillian Helm

Living Libraries-23 Things


Lumi's Lantern

Lynette the Libray Lady

Marc My Words

Marion the Librarian

Mark's 23 on a Stick


Me and My Ponies

merchandising mania

Michael F

Michelle's 23 Things

Mick's Media

Millennial Librarian

Mimi's 23 Things


MN 23 things on a stick

Mrs. G's

My Cozy Little Niche


Nathan Hall's 23 Things On Stick Blog

Never Too Old

NPL- Laurie Kodet

Nursing Home Bingo

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

Onida's Kitchen


Performer on a Stick

PG 23 Things On a Stick

Prairie Lands

Ptolemaic Gate on a Stick

Quilting Librarian

The Quirky Chick Who Loves Books

Rabbit Tracks

Random Thoughts

Redneck Librarian

Reluctant Blogger's 23 Things

Renita's Attempt

Research on a stick

River City Children's Librarian

River City Librarian

Roasted Marshmallow



Sands and Sands

Skipping Stones


Stick Thingys

Stick With Mamie







Things on a Stick from Home of the Corncob

Thoughts from Saturn



Web Dev'er Selco

Words of Wisdom

The Wormhole

Yo! Library Lady!


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