Thing 14. LibraryThing

We know you are probably a booklover, but are you cataloger at heart? Do you enjoy knowing what others are reading? Then LibraryThing may be just the tool for you. Developed for booklovers, this online tool not only allows you to easily create an online catalog of your own book collections, it also connects you to other people who have similar libraries and reading tastes.

Note: It may help to set-up an account before you browse these links. I
t takes seconds and will eliminate the "highload" error message you may get when trying to browse without an account.

Add a book to your catalog by just entering the title (it’s so easy that you don’t even need to know MARC format) or connect with other users through your similar reading tastes. There are lots of ways to use LibraryThing. You can view your books on a virtual shelf, add a widget on your Web site or blog to display titles that are in your catalog, or install a LT Search box on your blog. There is lots of other interesting info, too.

Libraries have started using LibraryThing, too. Small libraries are using LibraryThing to catalog their collections. Libraries are using the LibraryThing widget on their web pages to recommend books and list new titles. Being a non-commercial site makes LibraryThing a good option for libraries. According to their website, LibraryThing "is exploring relationships with libraries, to offer non-commercially motivated recommendations and other social data."

Minnesota libraries and librarians are using LibraryThing for a variety of things. Explore these links:
So why not join the ranks of the many librarians who have added their personal collections to LibraryThing and create your own library online. With over 95,000 registered users and 6.7 million books cataloged, you’re bound to discover something new.

1. Take the LibraryThing tour and learn more.
2. Create an account--it takes seconds and will eliminate the "highload" error message you may get when trying to browse without an account.
2. Add a least 5 books to your library.
3. Blog about your use of LibraryThing. Be sure to link to your LibraryThing catalog on your blog. How popular were your books? Did you find any discussions about your favorites?

Blog Prompts
  • How can you use LibraryThing for your library?
  • How else do you share booklists, etc. with library patrons? Would LibraryThing offer an alternative?

Challenge (optional)
Do more with LibraryThing:
1. Add a LibraryThing widget to your blog or another enhancement from the Things You Can Do list.
2. Explore
GoodReads, another social network site built around books and reading. With a big mission "to improve the process of reading and learning throughout the world," it connects friends who read and recommend their reading. Might be good for book clubs or other reading groups. What do you think?


Vicky Schluter said...

This one was easy and very enjoyable.

Unknown said...

I love it when I find Things I have already "pre-completed". I had previously signed up for Library Thing and used it a little bit. Now I have a new found interest in it again.