Thing 5. More Flickr Fun

Like many Web 2.0 sites, Flickr encourages other people to build their own online applications that use images found on the site. Through the use of APIs (application programming interfaces), many people have created third party tools and mashups that use Flickr images. The tools help you find, organize, and use photos in various ways. You can create mosaics of photos, use photos in games, and find apps that make using Flickr easier or more efficient. Look here for mashups, web apps, and Flickr tools. Webmonkey thinks these are the 10 Best Flickr mash-ups.

For this Thing, explore some of the fun Flickr mashups and 3rd party tools that are out there. Note that many of these require the Flash plug-in.

1. Check out one or more of these and create something from Flickr photos to add to your blog:
  • Clockr uses random photos to display the time.
  • Flickr Color Pickr - lets you find public photos in Flickr that match a specific color.
  • Big Huge Labs offers a round-up of Flickr tools.
  • Spell with Flickr spells out your word or phrase with Flickr photos.
  • splashr lets you present your Flickr photos in different view.
  • Create puzzles from your Flickr photos.
2. Upload one or more of these mash-ups to your blog (most will give easy-to-follow instructions somewhere on the site about how to copy the code needed and where to place it on your blog.)

Blog Prompts

  • How can you use any of these tools in your library and media center? Reading programs, posters promoting library events, librarian trading cards all come to mind as possibilities.
  • What do you think of sharing photos online?
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Spell with Flickr

These tools are fun but a warning--it is very easy to spend a lot of time playing with these tools! It could become your latest hobby!


Lydia Schultz said...

I have not been able to get the spell with Flickr feature to work or to find any connections to make it work. Has the site changed? Or am I just being tech illiterate? I also was unable to figure out how to get my image from retrievr to be "matched" by photos. A little advice?

Ann WS said...

Be sure you have Flash 8 enabled on your computer.

Also, do you hae comments enabled on your blog? I tried to leave a comment there, but couldn't find the comment link.

Lee said...

I too had trouble with the spell with flickr feature. Played around a bit, but when I wanted to import the name of my blog in Flickr letters I could not find any instructions on how to import it. Also when I went to the clock sight I just saw gray letters on a black background. A higher version than Flash 8 is enabled on my machine, so I don't think that's the problem. What am I missing?

Charmed One said...

You can export the spelled word the same way you exported your avatar. You copy the html that follows your spelling. Then you go back to your blog layout and add an element: html java script. Then you paste your script in the space and save. You can click and drag around your element depending on your layout.

Hibbing Community College Librarian said...

You lost me on Things 4 & 5. I can appreciate the uses of Flickr and any other photo organizer. But at this time, I have no interest in opening yet another account that requires yet another username/password.

mn catablogger said...

I can't for the life of me figure out how to put a mashup on my blog. The 10 best mashups article doesn't seem to be available anymore, so I tried both Google and Amazon searches for mashups, but can't figure out how to move them to my blog. Any ideas?

MN Catablogger

Sara (not Marian) the Librarian said...

If you Google '10 best flickr mash ups' and click on the cache, the posting is there:

Metropolitan Rebecca said...

If you click on the "10 best mashups" link, you get a page that says:

Oops! has moved, and the page you're requesting has moved along with it. The entire Webmonkey website is now a wiki supported by the open-source software platform MediaWiki.

Just wanted to let you know about this dead link -- or, if not really dead, at least requiring some medical intervention. Thanks for your great service!

bookwormishnerd said...

I can't get clockr to work.

libkizzy said...

When I go to webmonkey the "thing" I should view is not there. It has moved ....but where?

tracy said...

Thanks, Charmed One! Your directione were succinct, and I was successful! :O)